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About Flash Squad


Mimi, Honesty and I are best friends. We each have our own special interests, mine is gaming! One day, we decided to form our own secret computer club, and the cleaning lady in our school gave us her storage room in the basement as a hideout.

Honesty came up with the name “Flash Squad” because she thought “Super Secret Computer Club” sounded lame (but I thought S2C2 was awesome). Mimi got really excited, set up our network and got all the computers and equipment for our new hideout!

Little did we know that our friends and even teachers would start coming to us for our advice!

Now whenever something bad happens to someone we know online, they come to us and we try to figure it out together. We make a great team as each one of us knows about different Internet safety and security topics – but we don’t know everything! We’re learning too… but we take protecting our friends, our families, our school, and YOU, very seriously!

Here are some of the tips we’ve come up with after lots of experience… and we hope that by watching and learning from our adventures, we can all be more internet savvy. So, join our Squad or assemble your own, and let’s #LockitUp!


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